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Baltimore Deeply Discounted Real Estate Deals

I came across this latest deal in Baltimore MD, while going to Baltimore's local "The Loading Dock" . I am always looking for property where ever i am driving. When I got home to do my research on the properties i had wrote down, I was making phone calls and I came across an investor who said "hey if you are looking to buy property I have one that is about to go into forclosure". I quickly faxed him the proper paper work and put the property under contract. I was able to negoiate with the bank a price to buy the house that fit my criteria to sell fellow investors a great property with a deep discount so they can make a lot of money in the end result.

This latest deal that I am selling is located in the 1500 block N. Eden St. Baltimore MD. Currently houses are selling for $150k in this area, that is great in this market! The property needs very little work and we only asking $33k. This can be a great rental property, you can fix and flip for tons of cash, or can fix and lease option this property to someone who wants to be an home owner.

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