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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seller Happy with Baltimore Wholesalers (SOLD!)

Nick and Charles Do it Again
These two have been making home owners and investors happy with deeply discounted deals in Baltimore MD

Check out this 3 bedroom 1 Bathroom they just sold and what the seller had to say about working with them.

Recent Comps:
     2799 The Alameda   SOLD 124.9k  1/10
     2803 The Alameda   SOLD 110k    3/10
     2566 Robb St.         SOLD 90k     1/10
     2521 Garrett             SOLD 92k      2/10
     2804 Harford            SOLD 94k      5/10
     2910 The Alameda   SOLD 117k    12/09

Asking $16.5K (SOLD!)


Here is Nick's Story about how he landed this property and sold it!

Who would have ever thought a $10.00 WE BUY HOUSES t-shirt would make me $7,500 on one deal.While at my parents house wearing my WE BUY HOUSES t-shirt.My stepfather greeted me as usual.This time was slightly different.After the normal questions(how have you been,what's going on etc)he took a double take (at my shirt)and ask if I was interested in buying more property b/c he knew a guy looking to get rid of one."Of course",(no brainer)was my response.He got the guy on the phone with me.From that convo, I was able to set up a viewing of the property.After a week of due diligence and negotiations I was able to get this property under contract for $6,500.We(Nick and Chuck)started marketing this property by hanging bandit signs,postings on craigslist and other websites priced @ $16,500.I was able to find a buyer from one of the bandit signs offering $14,000.Which I accepted.Upon closing on this property I made $7,500.

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